Implant Shape

Single platform

IMPLURA SIMPLEX Implants have the same platform and a one size hexagonal connection for all implants diameters.

3° Locking Taper

It provides a proven bacterial seal at the implant to abutment surface, virtually eliminating a micro gap. It also allows for 360 degree of universal abutment positioning. It improves the stability and prevents micro movement. Besides it disperses occlusal force more evenly through the implant, reducing stress.

Platform Switching

The connection force is dispersed towards the center of the implant, away from the bone. it provides additional biological width, conducting soft and hard tissues growth and reducing bone loss at osseointegrative surfaces. The platform is smooth and antibacterial.

Conical hex connection

The Conical Hex Connection between implant and abutment interface allows tight sealing. A single abutment connection is used for all implant diameters. One abutment screw fits all abutments and fixture platforms and one hex screw driver fits all abutments screws.

High Primary stability – double micro thread

The implant design includes conical body, double micro threads and three helix cuttings. Four threads with a pitch of 0.10 mm are leading to less pressure and better blood circulation. The Micro threads increase the surface area in contact with cortical bone, increasing initial stability.

Root Structure

Horizontal and vertical forces distributed uniformly in bone by means of conical tooth root formation.

SLA Surface

SIMPLEX Implants are sandblasted with a large gritt and acid etched surface. They are equipped with micro mechanical fixation with a high predictability and long-term osseointegration.


Implants 11°

Straight Abutments

Healing Abutments

Healing Abutments

Standard Abutments

Angled Click Abutments

Angled Click Abutments Hex

Angled Click Abutments Non Hex

Angled Ball Abutments

Ball Abutments

Solid Abutments 4 mm

Solid Abutments 4 mm – 8 mm

Solid Abutments 8 mm

Click Abutments

Click Abutment Caps

Ø 5 Multi Abutments

Angled Multi Abutments Hex

Ø 5 Closed Tray Transfer

Ø 4,5 Solid Analogue 4 mm – 8 mm

Ball Abutment Analogue

Ball Abutment Transfer

Open Transfer Sys

Ø 5 Closed Tray Transfer

Click Abutment Transfer

Ball Abutment Transfer

Ball Abutment Transfer

Open Transfer Sys

Ø 5 Hex Prostatic Cap Multi Abutment

Multi Abutment Closed Tray Transfer

Ø 5 Hex/ Non Hex Prostatic Cap Multi Abutment

Hex Driver Short – Long

Multi Abutment Open Tray Transfer

Ø 5 Hex / Non Hex Plastic Cap Multi Abutment

Tibase Abutments Hex / Non Hex

Premil Abutment

Ø 4,2 Temporary Abutments 2-4 mm

Ø 4,5 Hex / Non Hex Castable Abutments

Ø 5,5 Hex / Non Hex Castable Abutments

Interface Abutments Hex / Non Hex

SIMPLEX Operation Set Small

SIMPLEX Operation Set Large

SIMPLEX Stopper Set

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